Cobblestone CS:GO map overview

The Cobblestone map is one of the most mysterious in the entire Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series. The fact is that the action takes place in the medieval setting of France, presumably in the Castle of Lord William. It is noteworthy that this map is almost the largest in size. The map is dominated by gray colors, accurately reflecting the atmosphere of those times. Well, now we suggest you get acquainted with the history and current fate of this map. If you want to add to the game of colors, you can find a lot of interesting things on that website.

History of the Cobblestone map

Cobblestone map got its first appearance in the Counter-Strike series in beta-version 6.5. In CS:GO it was added in the Winter Offensive update. Remarkably, this map was included in the map pool of operation “Bravo”. To date, the map is in processing, which was sent back on April 20, 2018. In October of that year, Cobblestone returned to the map pool game. That return was timed to Halloween, many elements of the map directly sent the player into the atmosphere of a mystical holiday.

It is also worth saying that there is no clarity with the further fate of the map. For a year and a half the map has been in processing, and we do not see any rumors related to its fate. In addition, with the appearance of the map pool map Vertigo, many players considered Cobblestone written off. And in official matches this map was played much less often, than all the others. The fight on the map unfolds between the elite unit of terrorists “Phoenix” and special forces from the intervention group of the French National Gendarmerie. The main goal of the terrorists is to undermine the significant objects of the castle, which are of historical value to the whole of France.

Interesting facts:

  • On this map, you can find chickens.
  • In the original version, the side of the terrorists was not an elite unit “Phoenix”, but “Professionals.

The main tactics of the game

Cobblestone map is rather favorable on the protection side. Long, long distances are the main advantage for Special Forces. Of course, the main task of Valve company is to balance the map. Who knows, maybe with the return the map will change and become more equal. In any case, everything depends on your shooting level, knowledge of positions on the map and interaction with the team.

Tactics of the defending side

As a default round, we will have to parse the scheme of the game Special Forces 2 + 3:

  • Three players become under B.
  • Two remain under plant B.
  • This map allows you to play with two snipers, but we will give preference to only one AWP. 

Main sniper

The role of the team sniper is limited to the control of the team. If you look at demo professional players, you can see their attachment to the position of the henhouse. It is in this position that our sniper should be placed. He will control the attack of terrorists on the platform.

The tactics of the attacking side

Since the drag is long enough and you can get lost in the timings, at the beginning of the round the terrorists will need to occupy as much territory on the map as possible. We will assume that all attack players are moving in the same direction without any fakes. Please note that fake rounds are carried out when there is enough information about the opponents to perform such a maneuver.

Important point: Try to choose the attack vector to the point where there are fewer opponents, or where the opponents have lost control over the territory. Collect information and predict the behavior of your opponent. You can also use modern tools to make your game more attractive. You can find all this here.

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