What is the integrity control in casinos

The essence of the cryptographic algorithms of casino fairness control comes down to the fact that before the game – whether it be roulette, poker or Blackjack – a series of FUTURE game results is created (a series of numbers that will fall out on the roulette wheel, or a sequence of cards in a deck when playing card games of chance – Blackjack or poker). In this case, the created series of future results is the usual text of the predetermined and known to the player format. That is, the system of controlling the fairness of the course and results of the game operates in exactly the same way, no matter what gambling online casino was in question: whether it was slot machines, roulette or poker.

This document, of course, is not shown to the player, but before the roulette or poker game, it is processed by a special program according to a certain algorithm known to the player and necessarily INDEPENDENT from the casino. For example, such an algorithm is MD5. This algorithm is universally recognized and widely used in the world. The result of this algorithm is a text string, which is called a text digest or electronic digital signature (EDS). You can find a lot of quality online casinos at https://slots-online-canada.com/review/leovegas-casino/. This will help you find a reliable solution and enjoy the gameplay.

The internal working system of the online casino

The question arises: “What does this give the player? The answer is simple: a complete guarantee of non-interference in the game by the Internet casino. The electronic digital signature (text digest) is something like a human fingerprint in relation to the text. Its essence is that as a result of text processing a unique sequence of characters (the actual electronic digital signature) is obtained, which changes beyond recognition at the slightest change in the original text. It’s impossible to find such text, which processing according to MD5 algorithm will result in the same electronic digital signature as processing of another text. And before the game the player is demonstrated exactly the electronic digital signature received as a result of processing the sequence of numbers created in advance according to MD5 algorithm.

After the end of the game the original text, containing the sequence of numbers, which he fell on the roulette wheel or card numbers – in poker, is available to the player. To make sure that the game in this sequence was not changed, you need to process the text received from the casino sequence using the MD5 algorithm. And compare the resulting electronic digital signature with the one that the casino showed the player before the game. Remember that the replacement of at least one character in the original text completely changes the final electronic digital signature. This is the guarantee of randomness. The casino has no way to change anything in the pre-generated sequence of numbers falling out at roulette or card numbers – in poker.

First, the player verifies that he fell out at the roulette wheel exactly the numbers that are written in the text presented to him after the game. Next, you need to check if the casino changed something in this text during the game. The player can perform a check on any site independent of the online casino, which brings the MD5 algorithm in general, this algorithm is public, its source text is easy. By processing the MD5 on an independent site, the text sequence obtained in the casino and making sure that the electronic digital signature of the text coincides with the electronic digital signature issued by the casino to the player before the game. If you want to find a reliable online casino, you should use the rating https://slots-online-canada.com/.

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