Formula 1 Racing – History

Formula 1 auto racing is the annual world championship on special racing cars with open wheels, which are called bolides. The races take place only on closed circuit tracks. Formula 1, or as it is also called “royal formula” has existed for over 60 years, it is the most popular and also the most expensive type of sport races. You can access the news of F1 on modern websites.

History of Formula 1

Formula 1 appeared closer to the second half of XX century. For many European countries, this competition has become an alternative, because they were no longer satisfied with the European Championship auto racing, previously also held annually. The first championship Formula 1 was held in 1950 and its winner was the Italian driver Giuseppe Farina, speaking in the car brand Alfa Romeo. In today’s world, “Formula 1” is a huge business, the value of which, according to various estimates, ranges from 1.3 to 2 billion dollars.

Formula 1 competitions are held in several stages. The season lasts from March to October. Each stage is called “Grand Prix” and always bears the name of the country in which it takes place. Each country for a stage of the Formula 1 is determined by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The Grand Prix of Monaco, San Marino, Austria, the United States and Canada are considered to be the most popular according to fan surveys. Each country has its own purpose-built tracks where the races take place. In the season there are up to 20 stages. They are always held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In each season there are 26 cars, which is 13 teams. 

At each race, the team brings its equipment and materials weighing hundreds of tons and transported it all in huge trucks. That’s why Formula 1 sometimes resembles the Great Roving Circus, as it is often fondly called fans. The number of fans and fans of Formula 1 car racing around the world is in the millions. They are always present at all stages of the Grand Prix, wearing their favorite team or driver’s insignia, waving flags and sweeping away all Formula 1 paraphernalia in nearby stores.

The main objective of each team is the training of highly skilled and experienced professionals, as well as the creation of the best car racing. The basis of the car is an engine that is purchased from a car company, which automatically becomes the main sponsor of the team.  After the team goes through a long and careful design phase of the car. They test and tune all kinds of technical equipment, conduct ongoing additional maintenance bringing their creation to perfection. The rest of the car is made specifically for the individual driver.  

Assembly of the car takes into account all the parameters of a pilot: height, weight and other proportions. The physical stress experienced by the driver during the competition is very similar to the astronaut in a rocket launching. Thus, a Formula 1 car is a very complex individual and expensive machine. It is because of this invisible titanic work – the Constructors’ Cup is the highest award and recognition for the team.

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