How to choose the right decorative pillows

Make the interior beautiful and not boring, to set accents correctly will help details and accessories. For example, the sofa cushions. And today we will talk about how to correctly choose decorative pillows to decorate the living room.

The function of sofa cushions

We are accustomed to the fact that the sofa cushion creates a comfortable environment for us. We put it under our head for sweet sleep. At the right moment it is always under our back to help us relax. And often we put it under our tired legs. However, sofa cushions can perform two functions: practical and decorative. And in the latter case, this decorative item should harmonize with other items in the room, complement the interior with new colors, textures and motifs.

How to choose decorative pillows

For the living room or bedroom decorative pillows can be made by your own hands, but you can buy them. Choosing, consider the following criteria:

  • the area of the room;
  • the size of the furniture;
  • the dominant color of the interior.

Do not forget about the color scheme. Contrasting colors can be used, but on the condition that there will be no more than two of them. If the interior is dominated by neutral shades, decorative cushions can be bright. And vice versa, for a bright and motley interior, it is better to choose items of decoration monochrome, in calm pastel colors. You can give preference to a turquoise decorative pillow.

Not everyone likes it when decorative cushions differ from curtains and upholstered furniture in color and texture. But if you find such an interior boring, choose items of different shades and textures. Do not be afraid to combine contrasting shades. If you do not know how to do it correctly, study Itten’s Color Wheel.

Decorative cushions and interior style

Items with lace trim and beaded decorations will be suitable for shabby chic style interiors, especially if the living room has antique furniture. For a room in the country style choose decorative items made in the technique of patchwork (plaid, bright scraps of fabric or ethnic patterns). Interior in the oriental style should be supplemented with beautiful decorative pillows with tassels and fringes. Pillowcases made of tapestry will also be appropriate. Classic (and modern as well!) accepts almost any variety of forms and textures. But it is better to give preference to noble fabrics and quiet shades.

And one more nuance. On the sofa, decorative cushions can be placed symmetrically or chaotically. In this case, much depends on the interior style of the interior. The first option is chosen if there is a great desire to make the interior more harmonious. The second option will help the room to look less conservative.

As you can see, it is not difficult to decorate the living room with decorative pillows. They will help to emphasize the stylistics of the room and are able to become a highlight of the interior. If everything is done correctly, the room will be transformed and will play with new colors. You can choose great coral throw pillows for your living room online. Modern sites will help you to make the right decision and buy a great product.

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