Navin is an advisor to the board, visiting catalyst and troubleshooter at the IISE. In his spare time he worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company for five years and was mainly involved in corporate strategy work across several sectors. In order to balance out the carbon footprint of his consulting days, Navin is currently with a Berkeley based company called Amyris whose mission is to provide high performing alternatives to petroleum based products.

On his association with IISE:

“It all started with an article in the New York Times over 7 years ago. The article inspired me to pack up from the US and travel down to Kerala to meet Paul and Sabriye that led to several discussions about the vision for IISE. A month of talking to people, looking for land and brainstorming on the institute led to a close friendship that has kept me involved and inspired about the mission of IISE.”

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