Noora started working right out of high school and hence accumulated 10 years of work experience in various organizations, the last one being McKinsey & Company, where she worked as an executive assistant for 4 years. She took a break from McKinsey in June 2010 to work for the IISE. Her specialty is in the field of coordination and communication. She majored in Political Science though it was a certificate course on Leadership and Professional Development in East West Center, Hawaii that helped her realize the need to do, or be a part of something more personally enriching. This is what ultimately got her started on the path of finding a place like the IISE.

On her association with IISE:

“When a colleague suggested IISE, I was quite reluctant to explore it as is any other self respecting, city-raised Malayali about coming back to the land of coconuts. Talking to Paul changed that perspective by 180 degrees. He spoke of the dream factory, the projects and their experiences. Thought to self was that if these people were so enthusiastic and passionate about the project even after 12 years they must be doing something right and I really wanted to be a part of that something right. The other 180 degree change when I met the participants in person. I do believe that I do not know any language well enough to express the amazement, joy and privilege felt in that, and consecutive meetings but suffice to say deciding to be a part of the IISE has been one of the best decisions made.”

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